“Before I die, I want to try stand up comedy”

Vivek promised himself that before he dies, he would try stand up comedy at least once in his life. In 2007, he saw an article about a stand up comedy competition and realized this was the chance he’d been waiting for.

He joined it, and won the Cantonese category followed by his victory in the English category the following year. Ever since then, he’s been turning his silly ideas and thoughts into a good laugh for everyone to enjoy.

Vivek performs in English or Cantonese or both.

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Vivek has performed for people of all ages, from your regular comedy club crowd to seniors at an old folk’s home all the way to young little kids at different parties and charity events.

Vivek’s content is fairly clean and his sense of humor translates globally as he frequently performs at different International comedy festivals, cruise ships, corporate events and private parties.

Ever since 2020, Vivek has been able to adapt his comedy to the online world and has performed for audiences worldwide right from his home studio.

Fun for everyone… anywhere!

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It’s time to laugh, Hong Kong

In 2013, Vivek formed a comedy group called Viveknfriends to help build up the culture of comedy in Hong Kong through different workshops and comedy shows at various bars, restaurants and performance venues. This later transformed into Hall of Laughs, a platform for anyone to give stand up comedy a shot.

Since 2017, Vivek has been the head mastermind behind the Hong Kong International Laugh Festival which brings together the best of comedy from Hong Kong and around the region.

Vivek’s main motivation for doing more than just being a comedian is his passion for comedy both as a performer and an audience. With more stand up comedy around him means some nights he can sit in the audience and have a hearty laugh himself.

Vivek has been performing stand up comedy in both English and Cantonese since 2007 and he has no intention to stop (unless he loses his voice, then he’ll just look funny).

He’s performed at all sorts of venues and events such as banquets, conferences, birthday parties and even in the middle of the ocean (…well on a cruise ship that is).

Add a little bit of fun at your next event and book a comedian. Looking for a little bit more? Vivek also Emcee‘s many events so you get laughter all event long!

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