“If we fail to adapt, we fail to move forward.”

— John Wooden, legendary head coach

When the world was changed by COVID-19 in 2020, most live events big and small were canceled and everyone had to learn to cope with this new normal.

Over the last few years, Vivek has successfully moved his performance to the online world and has run virtual events directly from his home studio where he has done:

  • Green-screen comedy shows
  • Host globally live-streamed events
  • Online interactive workshops
  • Corporate virtual game shows

Vivek is equipped and ready to perform online!

The COVID-19 pandemic has made events and even manpower unpredictable.

Vivek took it upon himself to ensure that the show must go on. He created his home studio with two set ups allowing him to do studio-grade video production on his own without the worry of lock downs.

The first set up, as seen below, allows Vivek to film and host virtual interactive events just like a TV show.

Lights! Cameras! Live stream… action!

Book Vivek at 4K resolution

This home studio set up has been used for a few commercial projects, one of them was for HKSTP’s I&T Career Expo 2022.
Vivek filmed all his own videos and the agency did the post-production and live streaming. Here’s a snippet as a demo:

The show must go on.
No excuses.

“Don’t count the days, make the days count”

— Muhammad Ali, legendary boxer

The other set up is a relaxed podcast-style arrangement where Vivek streams his live comedy shows, runs online speaking engagements and workshops and even hosts interactive games like quiz shows for organizations.

Don’t let any work-from-home or self-isolation arrangement waste away opportunities or cancel your plans, join Vivek and embrace this new normal.

Make your next event happen with Vivek

The new normal’s actually more fun!

Vivek has not only upgraded himself to cope with the pandemic, he’s found ways to make his performance even better!

He regularly runs interactive games for different organizations to connect their teams while they work from home. Every virtual event includes his signature humor, cool visual effects and all his funky sounds (everything you see and hear in the video below is live-mixed by Vivek during the show).

Book Vivek and start the fun!