Pay it forward

Many influential people throughout Vivek’s life have helped shape who he is today. Their support and encouragement not only assisting him to get over hurdles, but also taught him that you don’t need to walk in the dark alone.

Vivek is the ambassador for Kely Support Group and Chickensoup Foundation because he believes in paying it forward. Now’s his turn to help those around him in hopes of giving them the support he once needed. He helps with many charities and school events helping youngsters realize their full potential.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Vivek has joined forces with many charities to perform virtual comedy shows, bringing laughter to people isolated at hotels, homes and quarantine centres.

Vivek can help in English or Cantonese.

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Vivek firmly believes that given the right guidance, a young person can forge a confident path on their own. He grew up mimicking many role-models and day-dreaming about crazy ideas (like one day being a comedian!) and shares these stories with the youth of today as proof that if they believe in themselves, there’s no stopping what they can achieve.

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Empowering youth

Corporate Engagement

Vivek believes the more you give, the more you get in return. He works with many charities that connect with the corporate world like Community Business, Kids4Kids, Bloomberg Charity Tradebook Day., etc.

He Has been invited to host many fund-raising events and loves to combine his energy as a ring announcer, his fun style as a comedian and his skills as an emcee to help different charity organizations expand upon their good work.

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