Let’s get ready to party!

As a stand up comedian, Vivek brings a different type of energy to any event he Emcee’s, whether it’s a company annual dinner, a financial conference or a wacky science competition. He’s all about being high-energy and fun on stage making sure everyone’s engaged and enjoying the vibes of the event.

He doesn’t just arrive and read cue cards but always meets with clients beforehand to go over the event’s rundown and brainstorm ideas to make it more fun for everyone.

Vivek can be your English or Cantonese or bi-lingual Emcee.

Vivek’s philosophy as an Emcee is simple — keep the audience engaged and keep the event flowing. It’s more than just following a run down and reading cue cards to him, it’s about interacting with the audience, revving up the atmosphere for a performance and knowing when to step aside as a host and let the client shine.

Vivek works on- and off-stage when necessary, for example, if a game requires crowd participation, Vivek never hesitates to run into the audience and play along.

More than just reading cue cards

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We’re live in

Vivek has hosted events that have been broadcast live globally such as the Hong Kong Formula E, Youtube Fanfest and G-1 Fight Club fights. Vivek understands that these are the gigs where experience comes into play and every millisecond counts.

Very often these events are also multi-lingual and Vivek’s ability to bounce back-and-forth in English and Cantonese throughout comes in very handy at these times.

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Sit down? Stand up? Themed? Product launch? Networking?

Let’s talk ideas

Vivek is more than just an Emcee, he’s loves to help clients work out their event’s rundown and suggest funky games and ideas for everyone to play. Whether everyone’s in a cocktail dress or a superhero outfit, let’s talk a common objective — having fun.