“While we teach, we learn”

— Roman philosopher Seneca

Vivek loves hearing a good story and enjoys it even more when it makes him laugh. His love for comedy has lead him to share his skills and experience through workshops, in hopes of hearing funnier stories around him.

Vivek has been training since 2006 when he graduated from university and returned to teach his fellow classmates the skills he learned as a freelancer. Today, he writes his own workshops based on the client’s needs and objectives.

Ever since 2020, Vivek mastered how to teach his workshops online while making sure the learning experience is on par with in person classes. He has taught people worldwide right from his home studio.

Vivek can teach in English or Cantonese.

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Vivek’s stage performance comes from a combination of skills he learned from all parts of his life. When he was a self-employed web designer, he learned communication skills when dealing with clients, as a drummer of a heavy metal band, he developed rhythm and teamwork with the band, as a comedian he learned how to read people and adjust himself, as an emcee, he developed the ability to engage and audience and as a ring announcer, he figured out how to scream without losing his voice.

He’s a firm believer that all skills are inter-connected which is why he teaches a range of workshops including the following:

  • Foundations of comedy
  • Creative thinking/habits
  • Presentation techniques
  • Pitching skills
  • Positive mindset

A sense of humor is a transferable skill

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Fun is always included

Vivek was greatly influenced by teachers that made learning fun. That’s why he pays homage to them by making sure he incorporate child-like fun in all his classes. He’s taught young primary school kids all the way to high level executives but always makes sure he includes the one element that made things click in his brain (you guessed it…) — fun.

Looking to train your sales force so they close deals with a laugh? Got students who need a different activity after school? Or just wanted to try stand up comedy yourself but don’t know where to start?

Vivek’s workshops are all custom-made by himself based on the client’s needs. This allows him to get creative and structure things in a way that best matches the students’ interests. He’s always tries to get an idea of the reason for learning so he can give an honest assessment of what’s possible (and also see if he’s the right brain to pick!).

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Growing feels good