" Hey there! I’m Vivek! "

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Host @ Dr. Jason Leong "Harmful if Swallowed" comedy show

Show Time: 18 May, 2019,9:00 pm

English Comedy @ Ding Ding Comedy, Hong Kong

Show Time: 25 May, 2019,9:00 pm

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  • 1 English + Cantonese Comedy Headliner
    TakeOut Comedy, Hong Kong
  • 1 Ranked Top 10 Funniest Comedian in the World
    World Famous Laugh Factory Annual Funniest Person in the World Competition
  • 1 神經無罪、開心有理棟篤笑Show一Show
    I collaborated with Hong Kong celebrity comedian 張達明 and Dr. Tsang to bring happiness and laughter to different districts across Hong Kong
  • 1 Performance + Youth Sharing at Equal Opportunities Commission
    Telling youngsters the challenges (and benefits ;)) I face as an ethnic minority
  • 1 Legend Fighting Championship Official Bi-lingual Ring Announcer
    English + Cantonese ring announcements
  • 1 Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia 2, Malaysia
    Invited to perform at annual comedy event in Kuala Lumpur
  • 1 TakeOut Comedy Jam 2009
    A Cantonese show held at HITEC, Hong Kong | Photograph by Kenneth Lim Photography
  • 1 University Guest Lecturer
    Guest Lecturer on The Positivity of Humor at City University of Hong Kong
  • 1 Carmel Holy Word Secondary School
    Meeting students and hopefully inspiring them to work to their dreams rather than just a pay check
  • 1 Hong Kong Spirit Ambassadar Award 香港精神大使 2013 Recipient
  • 1 Make-A-Difference Conference
    Moderator and Facilitator


Vivek Mahbubani is a bi-lingual and Hong Kong-bred stand-up comedian who performs in both Cantonese and English. He was crowned 2007 Chinese and 2008 English Funniest Comedian in Hong Kong and was the host of the TV series “Hong Kong Stories” by RTHK. He appeared in a cameo role for the movie “All’s well, ends well 2009” and is a headliner at TakeOut Comedy Club Hong Kong. Aside from comedy, Vivek is the drummer for the local heavy metal band Eve of Sin and a self-employed web designer & developer.

Vivek Mahbubani 是香港土生土長的棟篤笑藝人,擅以英語及粵語演出。他是 2007 年全港中文楝篤笑大賽冠軍人馬,於 2008年更贏得全港英文楝篤笑大賽冠軍殊榮。

Vivek 現時是香港 TakeOut Comedy Club的台柱。楝篤笑表演以外,他亦曾擔任香港電台電視節目《香港故事》主持人及於電影《家有囍事 2009》中演出一角。多才多藝的Vivek更是一位自僱網頁設計師和本地重金屬樂隊 Eve of Sin 的鼓手。